High level Eduction meets Software Development


The Cologne SINEE Institute stands for high level education in electronic music producing. There are regular workshops and courses on music production, sound engineering and music theory. Connected to the SINEE is an online shop. Here the interested user gets, professional Ableton templates and German-language online courses.

Intelligent Sounds & Music is a Cologne based audio software developer. ISM is mainly known for BazzISM, the standard KickDrum plug-in since 2006. Also, their mixing tools like Duck Delay and now kikzilla help to enhance the workflow in the studio.¬†Mastering tools like Aroma gained worldwide attention. Additionally, you find ISM’s code in many products from companies like e.g. Wersi, SPL and NaughtySealAudio

Audio tools that simplify the complex processes of music production.

As experienced music producers, trainers and software developers, we know the processes that occur again and again in music production. We develop audio tools that simplify and optimize these processes. Our goal is to simplify various steps in music production. The results are just as important as an intuitive user interface. With our first tool „kikzilla“ we bring Rumble Basslines to your fingertips. Fast, efficient and easy.